Frequently Asked Questions

We are an Olympic Taekwondo Academy. We teach a high level of self-defense, sport taekwondo and life skill development. Our basic curriculum focuses on Focus, Self-control, Respect and Discipline. To better understand our program you’ll want to schedule an appointment for a FREE intro session.

The intro/evaluation session is a 30 min one on one private lesson. We will explain our structure, rules, class schedule and setting, membership options and cost, while teaching some basic martial art skills to you or your child. This gives you the chance to see our teaching method in action and to find out if you or your child will like martial art training.

We have a wide and flexible class schedule Monday through Saturday with different times starting at 4pm until 7pm. With our memberships a student can attend classes up to 5 times a week if they choose. Most places only offer twice a week classes. Our philosophy is the more training the quicker results are produced. For more details about our classes and times. Please schedule an intro session.

Yes! Martial arts training is one of the few group activities kids with special needs can participate in because the classes are based on individual effort and participation. Everyone is different so our program is designed for each student to excel at their own pace. And nobody sits on the bench everybody gets to play! Also the teaching of structure, discipline, focus and fitness is great for anyone and every class helps release a lot of energy.

Our memberships prices are NOT based on classes or attendance. The reason we don’t offer that option is because once a week class attendance for our programs is not sufficient in getting results. Multiple class attendance is highly encouraged.

Our memberships have a base commitment of 6 or 12 months. This is to help teach students more long term commitment. And for new skills and habits to take effect always take time. Which is why we also teach the skill of patience. Prices very depending on which membership you choose. We typically don’t give exact prices online or over the phone is because until you come in and meet our instructors/staff and experience what our program is about you will not get a good scope of the true value our memberships offer. We are not the cheapest or the most expensive martial arts school in the area but we are the most dedicated and fully committed to student development. So for a short answer to the question our prices range from $105-$125 per month.

Yes we offer a number of group or family memberships. After the 2nd member the 3rd member is greatly discounted and the 4th and 5th members are FREE.

Being a little intimidated about taking martial arts is common. Most people feel they will embarrass themselves. This mentality is mostly due to the world teaching us we are not allowed to make mistakes. In the Taekwondo school the environment is the opposite. We believe if your not making mistakes your not trying. What is recommended is to bring your child in and watch a class. This can help give them a better idea of what classes are like and they may see another student just like them. Call to schedule an appointment.

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